Accuphase E-260 – The sound is so clear and sweet

If we are referring to ACCUPHASE one of us has a little proud that this is one of the rare representatives of Asia is the audiophile world admires. The European country which is proud of its audio-visual products, but for ACCUPHASE, they still spend a significant market by products ACCUPHASE style descendants “Solar Divine Women” and one substance sounds great intimacy.

E 260 is the smallest model in the line of ACCUPHASE integration. It is the latest model, to be upgraded from version E 250 after completing “historic mission” in five years (since 2008). If counted backwards to the original version E-202, we find it there in the early years when the company was ACCUPHASE beginning 1974.

Structural engineering
Specifications E 260:

Average power (rms): 115 W / 4 Ω | 105 W / 6 Ω | 90 W / 8 Ω

Harmonic distortion (both 2-channel, 20 to 20.000 Hz) 0.05%

Frequency response: 20 to 20.000 Hz (+0 / -0.2 dB)

Adjust the timbre: BASS: 300 Hz / 10 dB (50 Hz) | TREBLE: 3 kHz / 10 dB (20 kHz)

Loudness: +6 dB (100 Hz)

Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted): Balanced input: 91 dB | Power input: 122 dB

Power Consumption: 49 W (inactive) | 245 W (max.)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 465x151x420 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Still features traditional styling, E 260 small though still full identity of an integrated amplifier (integrated amplifier) ​​right “quality” ACCUPHASE. Two analogue clock input signal between the two sides was the source selector knob volume knob on and very balanced. Row treble adjustment knob, bass, balance and other key some underlying machine surface.

E-260 amplifier has 6 inputs including RCA input and 1 output 5 balance. A connection port to plug motherboard hound DAC A 30, for users who want to connect with devices digital audio signal as laptops, HD or even head first CD optical or coaxial outputs have.

The front has the function keys and buttons we need to note that Speaker A / B, A + B. This button is used for the player to use two speakers for the two rooms or two speakers playing simultaneously. EXT PRE keypress when user wants to clearly separate amplification layer (Power) and preamplifiers (Pre Amplifier) ​​in particular. E-260 amplifier, like the other big amplifier ACCUPHASE, made integral with amplification layer, so that players can use it as a preamplifier connected to a power amplifier using PRE OUT terminals, when required greater capacity or Bi-amplifier type. Power Alley IN is used as an input of a power amplifier, used to connect to a different Pre Amplifier higher quality.

Features that ACCUPHASE frequently mentioned is the volume control circuitry in the preamp section integrated amplifier. The circuit is named Aava (Analog Vari-gain Amplifier ACCUPHASE), works by transforming the music signal to the amplifier circuit through the line voltage switch (VI). Then divided into 16 steps currents (1/2, 1/4, …, 1 / 32,768, 1 / 65,536) and is controlled via circuit On / Off processor chips. Finally the processing circuit is moving currents contain the audio signal on the voltage. When the change from low to high, the output voltage will change and adjust audio volume. So do not use a resistor with normal pressure, impedance should not change despite increased volume, eliminating completely the problem of background noise on the signal (S / N Ratio) and keep the quality of the audio signal from Input to output. Thus, the amplifier ACCUPHASE supposedly clear sound reproduction and very honest.

An additional specification of the amplifier E 260 is the power circuit with parallel push-pull type is designed on two separate boards for the two independent channels. The cooling power is very good on two thick aluminum block. A special feature of the circuit in the power amplifier’s ACCUPHASE withstand low impedance is very good thanks to the design of parallel power. Power of E-260 truly is 90W for 8 ohm speaker impedance and 115W for 4 ohm speaker impedance. Power supply of the E-260 includes a very large transformers with two 22,000μF valued source filter capacitor is arranged between the machines and wrapped carefully, ensuring a reliable and adequate power supply line for operational amplifiers with Maximum productivity. All components in the amplifier E 260 are selected from reputable suppliers and ensures sound quality, fit for ACCUPHASE offer long-term warranties without fearing failure.

Floor preamplifiers (pre amplifier) ​​is designed on a separate board and is powered via a filter to minimize interference from sources as well as from audio circuits.

All circuit blocks are the design engineers on each specific motherboard, they can be easily upgraded by the assembly. On the other hand, this will be limited by many things interfere with each other, keeping a clean audio signal as possible.

Composition and evaluation

As was “handed down” in the audiophile world that ACCUPHASE as “born” to do with the line pair of Tannoy coaxial speakers, we also composited with its new speaker line is DC-10T. Sometimes this 3-way speakers with speaker mid / treble and one bass concentric 254 mm diameter. Speaker Power 250W maximum gain and 92dB sensitivity. Despite high sensitivity, but also need a pair of speakers with a powerful amplifier to make relatively accurate bass and more power.

The first disc we hear Stockfish Records obtained by the theme “Art of recording”, synthesized music or from other albums. The first version of this disc is “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”. This is a song by Pete Seeger antiwar and Joe HICKERSON composed from the 1960s, inspired by the words of Ukrainian folk songs. This article by David Roth bay.Tieng mid hear the clear voice of the guitar in the first stroll, sad chorus of David reproduction clarity. In the middle of the song, after the lyrics “Where have all the young men gone? Gone for soldiers everyone. When will chúng Ever Learn? “Is a drum with the lowest rang out in. Here we see that the spread is low but not deep like the E 360 represents seniors.

A disc recorded in Vietnam, the disc “The love song Nguyen Anh 9” Anniversary theme, presented by Quynh Lan. Singer, though not the Star A segment in showbiz, but has made many albums that we deem “best voice” of audiophile Vietnam! The first track with the song “Lonely” on the Guitar barrels skillful vocalist, but very real hats fashioned of Quynh Lan has conquered us. Back to mid and low sound praised / mid exceed outstanding collaboration between E260 and DC-10T. Timbre harmonious mid and treble make people listen very pleasant. If no account is a bit deep color sheet, be sure that this is a duo who love language ideal for Piano, Guitar or vocal.

The other speakers of 4 ohm speakers as Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor. This is a bookshelf speaker but under heavy hitting. Wattage 150W speaker, 88dB sensitivity., Frequency response 50 Hz – 30,000 Hz. When performed with the speakers, the sound is quite thick and mid bass down low very convincing on this bookshelf speakers. In the high-end disk On road with BMW logo, with the song “My little angel” by Blues Company group play, after prelude powerful drums, concisely. Force beat deep down the full force and might see real power 115W (RMS) for 4-ohm speakers are ACCUPHASE confidentiality through the words on the data sheet commitments (Guaranteed Specifications).

Each line of each carrier amplifier always has a particular timbre. We believe so. And when mated to the speaker is always a surprise to anyone who has ever played the staging machine. E-260, too, must those who want to test “his brother” to this, you will also have many opportunities coupled with numerous other speakers and we believe that, E 260 will be rewarded by the sound quality too in Clear and sweet of it.

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