Best to know about “Audio Conference System”

The sound system of the workshop is: The system includes the audio device used for conferences as speakers, headset, microphone, telephone, camera, interpretation system, language distribution system IR and a number of other electronic equipment used in workshops with the aim of exchanging information between the participants and presenters.

*** Audio Conference System


Management, control and monitoring of the entire system
Registration of participants
Electronic voting
Display and distribute information ti
Infrared translation system 12 languages ​​(Audio Conference System)
Digital communication and security stability
Flexible connectivity with audio conferencing systems
Combined with translation system IR-2000
No interference device, mobile
Coverage radius of 20-30 m

*** Audio device supports conference

34qm ihe

The system is connected to the conference expanded to the central control system for the entire wireless controller workshops include: the projector, power systems, lighting, cameras, and other AV devices such as TV, DVD , amplifier, electric projection screen, plasma screen, LCD. With complete connecting the devices to the system we can control wireless conference simply efficient, eliminating complex control because too many devices in a system, makes users easy control over wireless touch screen and this is truly versatile system perfect workshop. * To all the equipment in the room can control the wireless devices need more volume control of electrical systems, lighting, AV system, audio amplifier systems conferences, speakers, wireless microphones (this is optional equipment)

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