Beyerdynamic DT880 Headphones Premium fullsize

DT880 Premium is a characteristic of Beyerdynamic headphones, notorious since 1981 and received a lot of positive reviews around the audiophile world. I have tested with some DT880 Premium headphone amplifier with Lovely Cube Premium.

In appearance and quality of the final product, the DT880 Premium has no defects. The frame is extremely stable, light and airy because of high quality velvet pad. Semi-open design makes voice reach out a little bit more not too much, the offset is comfortable to wear for long periods.

DT880 Premium has a good balance between sound bands. Specifically with the deep bass, but the body is not too thick, less extensions. Premium DT880 has just enough upper-bass and the sub-bass. Listening to K-pop as I Attracted to You by APINK wasn’t good enough not have had, so you do want to find songs with thicker bass. During the test, I listened to Katty Perry’s  Roar and Lean On by The Major Lazer.. DT880 Premium quality of steam is mid-known forward and is likely to be dry, not really impressive if you want your favorite sound to be thick, sweet and charming like the characteristics of Sennheiser or the slender, haughty of the Audio-Technica line A and W.

DT880’s middle band is of the most prominent expression of the stringed instruments like Violin, Piano and Guitar. It represents finger of Jessica Williams in the herd Clear Blue Lou with an impressive rise, the bass note is not too stagnant and lack of speed, so that the mentoring and guidance of music quality has also increased significantly. RV711 Farnace Adante-Allergo Sinfonia II of Antonio Vivaldi violin sound bright, coo. Treble is also a strong point of this headset.

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