Braven Balance – A wallet of music

Music is an integral part of life, if you wish to listen to music wherever you are, you’re looking for a portable speaker with high sound quality, beautiful and fun design can withstand good for all environmental conditions should not ignore Balance of Braven speakers, a famous American brand specializing in products ruggedized portable speakers.

1. Open the Box

Braven always knows how to impress the viewer by their products are meticulously designed, carefully refined from packaging to product. Looking at the Balance box looked vulnerable people attracted by the minimal design, simple but subtle. Containers are designed with 2 shell, external coating with white background printed products are taken very detailed, next to product images are annotations full advantages of Vietnamese products, class inner shell made of hard paper to protect the product in the process of moving property blue tones and gently amusing curiosity to look for the hidden beneath the box. Not only that even greater care Braven when equipping a Styrofoam product shockproof Balance beneath the cardboard box. The design is simple but the box shows Braven careful and meticulous brand of high-end speakers.

2. Design

Design direction for moving commuter convenience brought up Braven Balance design is quite unique, at first glance the viewer will associate Balance Braven like an advanced handheld purse with outer shell made of rubber against good impact resistance, still dark blue tones as the main attraction coordinated look with dark brown top and base of the speakers, brand Braven clear embossed side speakers hips.

Trademarks are embossed side Braven speakers hips.

The top of Balace Braven speakers designed rubberized sure, the keys are rubberized body very carefully include the key “source”, “play”, “rise and fall” volume. Especially to enable Braven Boost users simply press the power key and volume up button for 3 seconds to enjoy great sound quality more and more wine.

Part of Braven Balance backside with four pieces designed rubber sole is a very clever design that allows its users to set up the speaker or speakers located can enjoy the best sound. Braven brand imprinted accent for speakers, center back is rubber water barrier easily removable. With this unique design Braven Balance overcame severe quality checks to qualify Waterproof: IPX 7.

Inside rubber water barrier of Braven Balance include:

A USB port allows connectivity out charging for other mobile devices with parameters 5V – 1A.
A key test battery capacity.
A reset key speakers.
A 3.5 AUX input.
A charger output parameters 12V – 3A.
The base parameters Braven Balance print production and origin of Braven Balance.

3. Sound Quality

Braven Balance is integrated unique features, while pressing the power button to boot the loudspeaker, speakers will emit a sound to alert the user that, when holding the key for about 3 seconds speakers play will say “pairing” signal Speakers ready to detect devices connected after connecting bluetooth and finished speaker will say “connected audio device” and now users simply to enjoy the music. Braven Balance supports popular audio standards such as cut IOPT / HFP 1.5, A2DP1.0, AVRCP1.4, GAVDP1.0, HSP1.2.

The speaker has two player mode and normal mode Braven Boost mode. When listening to music in normal mode

Bass (Bass): The quality of Braven Bass Balance is not strong, noisy like other brands that matter very own bass Braven, very deep, very compact and solid. Bass Balance of special Braven not cause fatigue for the listener, but with her, Braven subtle bass Balance qualified enough, do not crowd the line as other portable speakers.

Music Central (Mid): This might be the sound that ranges Balance Braven most impressive regeneration. Mid really well, sweet. As referenced by the Vocal music, Braven Balance for the first sound so full, deep to the tune and the singer’s voice, with the vibrating section and adventure in voice singer is also presented very detailed and sophistication.

Cao Yin (Treble): High Yin is also very good Braven Regulatory Balance. Treble hear bright, limpid very uplifting, very elegant, attractive audience, .Tung pitches every note was clear reproduction of detail and fidelity

When Braven Boost mode by pressing the key sources of increased volume combined with the 3 seconds, the speaker would say “enable,” said Braven Boost feature enabled. In the language regime of Braven Braven Balance Boost bigger, louder, bouncing bass seems a bit better but not compact diluted as in normal mode. Here the perception of his team when Braven Boost mode users should use when outdoors, even in a closed room, then use normal mode and compact sound quality will be warmer. To return to normal mode users simply hold the volume down key for 3 seconds, the loudspeaker message “disable” is disconnected Braven Boost.

The song references the speakers: Hotel California (The Eagle), Reasons To Leave (Kate Purcell), Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Lydia Gray), Waiting For Love (Avicii), Whiskey Lullaby (Brad Paisley – Alisson Krauss ), Do not Cry For Me Argentina (Yao Si Ting).

4. Conclusions

Braven Balance beautifully designed property, unique appearance, innovative, and good water resistance, reaching high reliability, with many useful extra features, in addition to sound so glamorous Balance Braven bring it Balance Braven deserved become the music accompanies you wherever. If you want to verify that the decision to have an accurate, do not hesitate to go listen Braven Balance.

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