Five of the top-selling ultra-cheap headset in 2016

The cheap headset model still always attract the attention of more users. In the article today, will introduce to you read 5 templates cheap headphones cause major attention in the year 2016.

1. Ve Monk /Ve Monk Plus

Reference price: 10 $
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This is the earbud only cost about 200,000 Dong but have formed a powerful rush of sound community in the world, including Vietnam. Ve Monk is the first version of the airline and we have stopped production. The latest version is Ve Monk Plus and both prices are pretty similar. But what makes for a cheap earbud proved so hot?

First of all, we want to stress that for this product, all the reviews about the quality improve or sound quality needs tied to the price of around 10$ 

About appearance, could hardly believe a quality headset perfected so good that there’s price is too cheap. Wire and jack certainly, headphones are made of plastic, not a plastic or rubber details. If the ear tubercle of Ve Monk made with special plastic ear tubercle of the Ve Monk Plus is made of transparent plastic, looked quite impressive.

Perhaps to save costs, the maximum Ve Monk Plus only simply packaged in a small nylon bag and comes with 3 double cotton production ad is super thin, contributed significantly to bringing good quality audio for headphones. 3 pair cotton is divided in 2 colors, including red and blue to help distinguish the left ear and right ear. Actually, we have to try a different pair of earrings on Ve Monk Plus and found that, indeed, cotton was awarded double bundled offers better sound quality than with normal cotton double.

About the sound quality, the listener will once again surprise and wonder that why the headphones cost about 200,000 dong, or back to the sound that way. Ve Monk Plus detailed sound quality, spacious, airy school sound, bass, a moderate and healthy. Middle Strip is not as sweet as the tendency of the model of the legendary Yuin earbud that favoured the natural, rustic.

Ve Monk Plus fit to hear, but it would be more appropriate for the Golden music, Music Vocal and Pop gently.

2. Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ED9

Reference price: 23 $


Next Ve Monk, KZ is also an emerging brand of cheap headphones range but is widely unpopular. The headset model of the KZ received many reviews and discussions on the Forum of the world’s largest audio-Headfi with about 11000 weekly comment.

The first notable model is the user can ED9 replaced are filter (filter). In the accessories of bonus producer ED9 1 filter helps to increase the treble and bass, help increase filter 1, the user can optionally change the filter back and forth to change the sound quality of the headphones. This is the attraction for many users want to buy ED9 about to try and experience this cough that can’t, or feature only appears in those expensive headphones.

Besides, ED9 were fine details, open schools, spacious sound thanks to design many exhaust hole on the tuber. The central strip of realistic tendency also ED9, not color. Sound quality such as this are those who love the strip the treble (high-range) preferred. Of course, many people still buy and replace filter filter ED9 helps increase the bass to enjoy the sound quality is somewhat more balanced.

3. Knowledge Zenith (Z) ATE

Reference price: $ 24.5


Besides ED9, headset model KZ ATE also favored by quite nice design, good sound quality and or in games.

KZ root transparent ear, ATE wearing just ear and are designed to be worn over the ear headphones fixed help rim. Thus, this headset fit the regular sports stadium.

KZ ATE have warmer sound quality but still has good details. Strong bass, strip down deep and have numerous resources, which still ensure durability. This headset model fit to hear, especially suitable for those you love lively music and bass range.

The buyer is also the manufacturer of ATE KZ awarded with 1 double tips sponges have pretty good quality, help the user to wear just the ears and enjoy the bass range.

4. ATH J100

Reference price: $ 16


Contribute to the segment of cheap headphones headset J100 model also comes from Audio-Technica brand reputation of Japan.

J100 speaker tubercle design made of plastic, the details are beautiful and not broaching bit chau plastic scraps, jack L-form is designed to help fight off. Overall, the design of the J100 offering durable, beautiful and sturdy, lightweight and comfortable wear. In addition, J100 has more fashionable colors help the user select power agreement.

Which is an earbud, J100, an airy sound quality had the details pretty well suited to listening. This headset model suitable for those users who like the products have good brand with moderate, reasonable price for use with mobile devices.

5. The Iron Piston Xiaomi

Reference price: $ 29.3

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Launched on the occasion of the end of the year 2016, the Iron Piston Xiaomi once again became a very successful headphones product of China Xiaomi, next 2 headset model predecessor Xiaomi Piston 2.0 and 3.0.

Other than the sound of plastic box design on the Piston, Piston 3.0 Iron has designed sound like metal Piston box 2.0, help bring the beautiful appearance and more luxurious. Iron piston also has 2 colors is very beautiful, it is yellow gold and color burn. In addition, the ability to fit the ears and the sound of the Iron Piston very well thanks to the special design, the ear hears latest deviation to the side helps to put into your ear.

Like Piston Piston’s cord, 3.0 Xiaomi Iron still cloth and still have mic boost volume fully compatible with Android devices.

About sound quality, this is one of those rare cheap headset model using the driver (speaker) for each strip the bass, mid and treb. Theoretically, this will help the sound quality of each strip became separated and more prominent. However, practical use shows the Strip is the most prominent band bass and significant contributions that make up the sound quality of the headphones.

Iron Piston’s bass pretty much about the amount, more than both the headset sample Piston 2.0 and 3.0. Bass Strip extremely healthy, sure will do to satisfy all the bass-head (people who love frankincense sound) and most of the new players are going to love this kind of bass range.

The two remaining strips is high and middle Strip does not have too many improvements compared to version 3.0, the central strip Piston still neutral, somewhat backward compared with the Strip, strip high bass although not many but still detailed enough, focusing on low treb to bring music space wide open, quite airy.

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