Huangcho “Akai” – The pioneers for vintage music

The movement to play classical music with the hunt for the Akai brand has just begun to return in the early 2000s in Vietnam with a few pioneers in the hobby of meeting the difficulty and complexity of the collectibles profession. Games. The representative for this movement is Huangcho “Akai”.

“Huangcho Akai”

“Every day without fumbling with records, Akai gramophone, suddenly something lacking in person” – he told Akai briefly about his endless passion for the hobby he pursued. since more than 10 years now.

he owns a vast collection of Akai brands of type, quantity and also the owner of four old music cafes. That’s why collectors always nicknamed “Akai” to him as confirming his endless passion for the hobby.

he said: “I loved old music since 1982. At that time, it was difficult to find a coffee shop to listen to music, then I was busy studying, here and there, worked all kinds of jobs, went back to Saigon, forever until 2003, I was eligible to focus on collecting Akai machines. At that time, there were still many sources of computers, Nhat Tao market was a familiar destination because this place often sold machines to film crews for buying as props. In Le Cong Kieu also sell but buyers for display rather than use. In general, Akai players were few at that time because the records were very rare. ”

Before moving on to collecting Akai machines and old music, he had been a collector of old furniture of the 1960s and earlier, both vintage cars, from two wheels to four wheels. When he started focusing on Akai, every other passion gradually gave way to this hobby. From Hue to the South, whenever he hears an Akai, he comes to it, simply because: “Listening to music from the Akai machine reminds me of my youth, moreover, when I have a CD, listening to Akai makes me feel good.” real and bureaucratic more, so the more heard grinding.
There were times when he saw his dark eyes, asking if he could stay up all night just to listen to and listen to a new tape collected with rare and precious old songs. wall to ceiling. The owner is constantly editing, dismantling one device, assembling the other.

He said: “In the beginning, I didn’t have much experience, didn’t look carefully at the machine, bought it and got to the place where the operator was, then I had to tinker with myself, search for information online, meet former Akai repairmen to learn more. In Vietnam, all machines are available to search, so they can auction on eBay, thanks to friends, relatives abroad to bring the device “.

he also has a huge music store, from old Vietnamese music to foreign music genres. Although he did not dare to claim to be complete, Akai players, whoever lacked anything, the first person they thought of was him, and most of the requirements were met.

Even singers of old Saigon such as Le Thu, Giao Linh, Phuong Dung …, to famous musicians today also come to him to ask for the material that he collected by himself. that could not be saved.

Playing Akai is easy and hard

Those who love old music, like collecting Akai machines before are mostly in the age of 35-60, because Akai used to be a time of their memories. In recent years, young people love Akai more and more.

With the ability to research and find materials on the Internet, Akai forums at home and abroad, and good memory, young people are gradually reviving the world that is surprised by Akai devices. Due to limited financial resources, in the old music lovers, Akai mainly focused on collecting music, not paying much attention to sound and source.
Singers of modern music such as rapper Tien Dat are also a follower of Akai, owning a Studer used to record with 24 lines, which is the exclusive product of Akai Vietnam market.

Akai players in Saigon now have some familiar destinations to meet, exchange and exchange machines and share their passion. Buying and selling Akai on the market is also easier, especially choosing to buy online from countries producing this machine such as Japan, Germany, USA, with brands Akai, Revox, Ampex, Studer, Teac. , Sony … price range, from three million to seven thousand dollars depending on the value and quality of each model. The ease of collecting Akai machines is that.

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