Love from a tube amplifier…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in his house. He is a friend of mine who works in foreign affairs but loves music very much. That coincidence allowed me to casually enjoy a familiar CD of Laura Fygi – The Latin Touch, the program that I heard about at home. The thing is, is Laura’s singing voice even smoother today? I asked my friend in wonder, he smiled and showed me a black lump of iron lying at the corner of the house, on top of which there were small and small glass balls emitting a dim red light, “There it is, amplifier light bulbs. This thing plays some old jazz music with a nice singing voice… ”. Unable to suppress my curiosity, I stepped closer to that weird “lump of iron”. The first sensation is the heat radiating from the bulb amplifier. I thought, “This is a cramped house, and in the hot summer, you must know it.” To be honest, I don’t really have much sympathy for this antique-looking amplifier.

After returning to my seat and taking a sip of tea, my friend slowly let me know that the Tube Technology amplifier I just saw was a British second-hand, he bought it for $ 900, after It takes a lot of effort to learn online and wander through some shops … He said that nowadays, most music lovers, especially classical music and jazz, tend to switch to tube amplifiers because of their ability to express sound. The color of the acoustic instrument is easy to hear for this amplifier.

We continued to enjoy a variety of records, from classical to jazz to pop … I began to discover one thing: this ugly bulb amplifier had a remarkable sound identity. Compared to similar-class semiconductor amplifiers, its sound is quite soft, warm and seasoned. My friend told me that he had to choose this amplifier because it was built on a push-pull circuit, nearly 40W of power per channel to beat his famous Tannoy S10 speakers.

I suddenly remembered the story Truong Chi was told by her grandmother as a child, a distant thought
“In the old days, there was Truong Chi
People are even ugly, singing is good … ”The guy Truong Chi enthralled the beautiful My Nuong with singing. And so is this “iron”: it looks ugly but sounds impressive.

According to him, there are many different types of tube amplifiers. Depending on the power circuit structure, it is divided into push-pull type and single-end type. Push-pull type is usually stronger than single-end type. Usually push pull amplifiers on the market have an output of about 20-40W per channel, quite suitable for pairing with cabinet speakers with sensitivity from 88dB or more. The single-end type has a much smaller capacity, only about 3-15W. Despite the small capacity, the single-end amplifier is not lower than the push-pull type, even there are many higher prices! Want to play single-end price is also quite picky, there must be a pair of high-sensitivity speakers, speaker wiring, selective signal wire to show the advantage. For a “outsider bulbous” like me, what you say is a lot of new and interesting. He recounts business trips to countries in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong, often spending his spare time visiting the audio shops and discovering many interesting things about playing. audio map, how to enjoy the music of audio enthusiasts in the world. He passionately told me about Akihabara in Japan, a “sound market” that can say the biggest, most focused and impressive than any other place he’s ever been. There, Japanese people buy and sell sound items all day long.

According to his assessment, Japanese Audio players are probably the most preferred bulb amplifiers, they collect a lot of old and new light amplifiers, electronic lamps manufactured since the beginning of the century, established clubs to play light amplifiers and especially enjoyed playing hand-held amplifiers. The level of Japanese music enjoyment is subtle and quite close to how Vietnamese perceive it. However, due to the conditions to contact with many brands, most of them choose to follow the audio material rather than follow the brand name of the other company as in us, because not every brand and expensive is negative. Thanh was as good as he was It is true that the way of thinking of the rich … wise.

The story between us for a long time while the jazz music from the projector tube amplifier in the corner still softly echo. Two hours passed, and I parted with him contemplating what was fascinating about an old technology being resurrected. Perhaps, I’ll also get a light amplifier to try out …?

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