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Unlike a conventional player for entertainment or relaxation, if you are a music enthusiast, you probably will have a picky music and more refined. Each person has a different feel about the beauty of the sound, however all of the individual assessment is based on the most common negative one. Also, the direction sensing, analyzing the quality of a sound device is basically very similar. The person said that part felt good music or not is by gifted, but without talent is not necessarily the best way, you can practice listening and analysis through the experience and skills of others retransmitted . After a period of training, the listener will perceive and analyze the sound or where, lifting in place, what is lacking to adjust sound to sound more perfect. So not just have a device that will sound good or be that person must also know how to use it to hear and understand more about their equipment. Prior experience with staging machine, you must know the basic terms that sound or user instructions. The first section will briefly introduce to you grasp the basic knowledge needed to practice listening and sound tuning.

Define the audio-frequency range:
The human ear is able to receive audio signals from 16hz frequency to 20kHz.
Audio-frequency ranges are separated by name as follows:
20Hz – 40Hz: Deep Bass (deep bass)
40Hz – 80Hz: Midbass (Mid Bass)
80Hz – 160Hz: Upper Bass (Bass High)
160Hz – 320Hz: Lower Midrange (Middle Low Sound)
320Hz – 640Hz: Middle Midrange (Middle midrange)
640Hz – 1280Hz: Upper Midrange (Middle highs)
1280Hz – 2560Hz: Lower Treble (Treble low)
2560Hz – 5120Hz: Middle Treble (Treble medium)
5120Hz – 10240Hz: Upper Treble (Treble high)
10240Hz – 20480Hz: Top Octave (ultra-high peak of treble frequency range)

Dividing the audio-frequency range
Hear audio Strip

The term commonly used to describe sound
For people just starting to learn about listening to the sound to make the bass, mid, treble still feel strange too. With many people when shopping the family karaoke senior but few people that understand the tips equalizer. These terms are also known collectively as timbre, is the sound forming element.
Music Treble:
Spanish Treble is considered fundamental elements creates sound quality. So the device shown excellent sound Treble often appreciated. When non-standard audio Treble will make the listener feel deficient, is not satisfied. But if the device showing excessive high frequency range would lead to negative from glare, while audio Treble frequencies are generated at 5kHz to 20kHz sounds creates a dry, soft.
Music midfield:
J. Gordon Holt – specialist sound equipment and also the manufacturer of famous once said: “No music midfield is nothing”. Thus sound is as important mid huh. In sound, mid and treble are feeling better ears than bass. It is interesting and many people or confusion that is of sound energy concentrated mainly in mid and its sound is also a key factor in creating the colors of sound. The transformation of negative frequency shift created by sound when listening, it’s called a negative color.
When you understand the nature of the change in frequency and how focused sound, feel a reasonable way, certain we will feel the full the “soul” of the English midfield in music, thereby will appreciate and accurate audio-frequency range of this.
Most of the problems occur with audio speakers midfield are so, so when negative review of a Mid professional karaoke
we should be concerned about the speaker than the other devices. Such devices for mid standard sound, not too thin nor too hard, the sound output will be harmonious and subtle.
Spanish midfield is believed to prepare the listener can feel the warmth and tone frequency range, clarity and detail.
Sound Bass:
In the bass sound is the sound sequence recognizable but also prone to misjudge. Some view that as much bass, bass or as eloquent. However in reality not every many and powerful bass is good. The important point is subtle bass quality rather than quantity. Reproducing bass sound gives many colors and emotions.
Bass is hard to recreate perfect because it depends heavily on external factors such as hearing rooms, amplifiers, speakers, wires, sing music source … The problem typically occurs on bass bass were missing force, lacking depth. This will make the listener feel deficient, slow, background music drowned, lacks subtlety.
In the audio world, the experts rated the bass usually prepared by terminology such as tight, clean, accurate, strong, fast, power, clear, taut, deep … perfect for Bass as the music springs are filling, turn out to be the powerful sound, alive.
If bass bad, then we use the words: thin, short, hollow, slow, lack of energy, heavy … Some premium music device can take the frequency range down to 35Hz bass, at this frequency the detail
the bass is almost perfectly recreate, the listener will feel the breadth and depth of opening
best bass.
In short all three sound are important functions that constitute polyphony. Timbre balance helps the audience feel the sophistication of each syllable. If you intend to become a professional sound or want to become a connoisseur simply to adjustable sound system family is the basic definition you must understand.
In the following article, I will analyze in detail the basic sound is applied to the audio system.

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