Open/Turn Off the Amplifier – Maybe you’ve not known it correctly

You often think that the opening or turning off the certain system is simple, but it is not easy for the amplifier of karaoke player, you should to note a few problems, If you don’t,  you may make some damage for the amplifier if the amplifier is not properly shut down or open.

1. Order switchable amplifier

On the final and first turn off the money, which is a process open to the amplifier off karaoke
– If your karaoke amplifier is switched on and ready to amplify any signal it receives, surely you would not want it to amplify electrical signals of the on / off CD player, DAC or pre-amp. That is the best way to ruin speaker driver.
– On amply final when all electrical impulses from the switch to other devices have been terminated; first turn off the amplifier and the impulses occur because off other equipment will not be amplified speakers.
– This principle is especially important if you use the device lights (vaccum tube). If I use a device in the input light, I always wait for at least 1 minute after turning on it and then turn on the amplifier.
– Some devices have mechanisms lights interrupt output signal (mute) for about 1 minute until the device reaches a stable voltage. To ensure safety, I always wait until the appliance out of the state before turning amply dumb. However, no need to wait for anything to turn off the amplifier first.

2. Instructions on how to adjust Amply Karaoke disqualification.

– Volume total amply Regulators of: 4-5
– Volume mic level adjustment 5-6 (if mic or howling sound can be reduced to the level 4 for mic and adds a little extra vol total)
– The echo (echo) Regulators of 4 (can adjust the 5 to those with weak vocals)
– The Parody (delay) of mic level adjustment 2
– Balance speakers (balance) Adjust the position 5 (middle position) can increase the R channel for common channel signaling often more powerful R L channel
If retrofitted Equalizer will adjust as follows:
– Each Equalizer has two right-hand side (R) and left (L) we adjust the lever on the chart V (Bass and Treble will be symmetrical)
– Adjust the bass level 6-7
– Adjust the level Treble 7- 8
– Adjust the level Midle 3-4 (applies to both road Vol general, music and microphones)

And you just keep in mind a few points in selecting amply karaoke is that you have a good product, using durable.

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