Solution for audio notification system

I. Introduction System:
Solution for sound systems TOA VM-2240 notification is a necessary notification systems in buildings. We appropriately and bring efficiency in buildings, working areas. It is an integral part in the design and construction, management makes the Galaxy building, office work effectively

The system is a low cost solution for the design and management of buildings. It is not only one power amplifier system that has achieved effective notification of emergencies and background music on demand.
The system is part of the choice of a sound management system. It is a reliable choice and efficiency to the field of communication with many different applications including buildings, hospitals, offices, factories, …
The system is aimed at mid-range unit with 3-way and 2-way microphone to BGM in pharmaceutical use with remote microphones and desktop microphones notice. The audio signal is controlled to 1 in an independent area and it can also automatically transmitting a notification to all regions when there is an emergency. Enables system managers and operators use simple and efficient.
The system is designed to help facilitate the expansion and fast. If you need more than 5 area to notify you can expand by adding equipment VM-2240.
Micro Remote control RM-200M enables notification to each region as well as a notice to the fast regions. We are expanding the function keys control external devices via function keys RM-210.
The system may also incorporate storage device notifications available through notice boards add EV-200M.
The system can monitor the operation of the notification by the SV-200 devices attached.
Amly VM-2120 or VM-2240 amly be mounted on one standard rack (3U). Each unit VM-2120 or VM-2240 contains three microphone inputs and 2 BGM inputs with corresponding outputs 5 5 speaker zones.

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II. Technical characteristics of the system:
You can connect the VM-2120 or VM 9-2240 to acquire power, and also the desired speaker.
Lets examine the system output with SV-200mA device.
The system provides regular notification 5, 1 bell and 2 emergency notifications via EV-200M.DSCN1146 devices, EV-200M

Battery backup system for the main event of loss of power.
When there is an emergency notification system will not be influenced by adjusting the volume inside the appliance and external volume control.
The system has different priorities for different cases.
Output voltage can be 100V, 70V and 50V line.

Maximum system with 4 microphones connected remote control RM-200M.

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