Solutions for public sound system

Public sound system used in the factory office, hotel, luxury condominiums, railway stations, supermarkets, offices, entertainment areas … for the purpose: giving the background music formal sense, comfortable, pleasant, messaging, notifications for each region in the event of an emergency.

Signals transmitted from the center via the cable network to the whole area, or the speaker region.
All the speakers in an area parallel play and is defined as a region and then to the center.
The center uses the amplification with the selected speaker zones for ease of notification to each area needed. Also the sound amplifier is capable of connecting to other peripherals such as Microphone, CD players, radio tuner or tape recorder.

Map System:


Depending on the functionality of the integrated audio system that has a lot of different devices, but a basic audio system with the following components:
– Micro: for the release announcement.
– Started playing music: CD, cassette, play background music, …
– Matrix Audio: channel mixer controller, choose the audio controller configurations are available.
– Amplification: the audio signal activation and power lines, catering operations at many speakers also.
– Speakers: the sound equipment.

System configuration:

– ceiling speakers
– AT-303P potentiometers
– Micro Announces PM-660D
– TOA A-1360SS amplification AS
– Notification message senders EV-350R
– CD / MP3 / FM Player
Besides sound system dedicated many other devices in accordance with the system, different requirements such as central processor, select the channel to large systems, early warning control, combined with the scene fire alarm,…:
For audio systems, especially in a large building, it is important to the ability to manipulate individual sounds play between regions together anywhere flexibility.
When designing the building audio system, each region to use loudspeakers for different purposes, there should be a partition of system functions for consistent sound.
Audio solutions for big firms only basic system partition under certain limited number (8-32-64 region).

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