Clarice Lispector: how a native of a Ukrainian town became the largest Brazilian writer

98 years ago, on December 10, 1920, the novelist, journalist and translator Clarice Lispector was born. She is called one of the largest Brazilian writers, but she was born in Ukraine, and spent a considerable part of her life in Europe and the USA. The anniversary of the birth of the writer was celebrated by Google by placing an image dedicated to her on the main page of its search engine.

She moved to Brazil in two years

Khaya Pinkhasovna Lispektor was born in the town of Chechelnik in the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. When she was two years old, her parents moved to Brazil and took her with them. After the move, almost all family members changed their names, and Hayu began to be called Clarice. The future writer spent her childhood in the city of Recife, which is the capital of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, and as a teenager she moved to Rio de Janeiro.

While studying to be a lawyer, Lispector simultaneously became interested in journalism, and then in writing. After the writer married a Brazilian diplomat, she left the country in 1944, and for a decade and a half lived, first in Europe and then in the United States of America. Returning to Rio de Janeiro, Lispector began work on a series of novels “Family Ties”, published in 1960, and later on other works, including the novel “Living Water”, which some experts consider her most significant contribution to the world literature.

The writer has won a number of national awards, and her works have been translated into many other languages, and films have been made in some of them. Although Lispector herself joked that “she had never stepped on Ukrainian soil, because then she was carried in her arms,” a memorial plaque dedicated to her was opened in the town of Chechelnik in 2002

Contemporaries noted not only literary talent, but also the external beauty of Lispector. In particular, the famous American translator Gregory Rabassa wrote that she “looks like Marlene Dietrich, and writes like Virginia Woolf.”

1968 Clarice Lispector participated in protests against the military dictatorship in Brazil.

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