Chipokalypse: how to protect your smartphone from hacker hacking

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Protecting your smartphone from hacker hacking has become even more difficult – the global vulnerability of electronic devices has now reached the hardware level, when security holes lie not in the program code, but in the processor itself. MK learned how to protect itself from hacker attacks and not become a victim of cyber fraudsters.

Computer security expert:

Apple has become yet another electronics manufacturer to recognize the vulnerability of almost all of its products to the Meltdown and Specter bugs. Previously, problems with hardware vulnerabilities were announced by Microsoft and Intel.

Ivan Semyonov, general director of the mobile application developer Reactive Phone, told MK that the manufacturers of processors that made smartphones potentially vulnerable could have made a mistake in their design. “Modern processors are very complex. There are trillions of transistors. When we talk about complexity, there are always some flaws and miscalculations that could play a cruel joke with a smartphone. “

The expert noted that such cases of hardware vulnerability have already been noted, however, they were not of such a large-scale nature, but related to specific products. “Several years ago there was a case of a similar vulnerability with some Intel processors. And if we talk about Apple products, then this is the Iphone 3gs. There was a vulnerability in the processor, so phones could be hacked no matter what. Apple updated his operating system, but the device remained vulnerable. “

With regard to protection against hacker attacks with existing vulnerabilities, then, according to Semyonov, there is only one way out – to avoid potentially dangerous sites and applications on the Internet. “Here the problem arises at such a complex technical level that only an expert can figure it out. And an ordinary user should not download pirated software, visit suspicious sites and not open suspicious links in emails. Probably you will not advise anything more. “

Another recommendation for countering hacker attacks, which was approved by our interlocutor, is to link a bank card not to a smartphone, but to the simplest “mobile phone with buttons”. “If we are talking about mobile devices, then, in principle, this is a competent recommendation, I just don’t know how much people follow it. An ordinary push-button telephone is not intended to install any third-party software on it. All confirmations come by regular SMS. “

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