It became known about a sharp deterioration in the condition of Boris Grachevsky infected with coronavirus

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Infected with COVID-19, the director and creator of the Yeralash newsreel Boris Grachevsky was again put into a drug-induced coma and connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) apparatus. Baza Telegram channel reports about it.

The creator of Yeralash was again put into a coma and connected to the ECMO apparatus

It is noted that three days ago Grachevsky was conscious and was even able to communicate with doctors with gestures. However, soon his condition began to deteriorate sharply and he was sent to another intensive care unit, where there is an ECMO apparatus – a device that allows you to saturate the body with oxygen directly through the blood. Connecting the patient to ECMO is the next stage after mechanical ventilation.

Now doctors assess Grachevsky’s condition as serious and do not give any predictions.

Boris Grachevsky was hospitalized with coronavirus at Hospital No. 52 in Moscow on December 27, and two days later he was transferred to intensive care due to lack of improvement. Later, on January 7, doctors connected him to a ventilator, since the director could hardly breathe on his own.

Later, on January 10, a friend of the director, actor and TV presenter Vladimir Dolinsky, said that the doctors for the first time introduced Grachevsky into an artificial coma. He noted that his condition is stable, no deterioration is observed. A day later, Dolinsky said that Grachevsky was taken out of a coma, and, according to doctors, the director no longer needs this measure.

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