The famous ballerina Ananiashvili directed the Novosibirsk theater in a record short time

The shortest intrigue of January seems to have been resolved – Nina Ananiashvili will not be the artistic director of the ballet of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater. The official statement sounds dry and specific – “as a result of negotiations between the artistic director of NOVAT, Vladimir Kekhman, with Nina Ananiashvili, a decision was made to terminate the previously concluded contract by agreement of the parties.”

It was decided to terminate the contract

Yes, this is an intrigue for all intrigues. At the end of the year, Ananiashvili signs a contract with the management of NOVATA, discusses the details of the work, makes plans. She is about to be introduced to the troupe, and suddenly … She gives an interview and the “house” collapsed. But Ananiashvili is recognized in the world of ballet arrival, she has extensive contacts and experience of leading ballet in Georgia – for 15 years she has been heading the State Ballet of Georgia in Tbilisi. With a request to comment on what happened, we turned to the artistic director of NOVAT, Vladimir Kekhman.

– Vladimir Abramovich, can you explain: the ballerina gave an interview before the official performance and, it turns out, paid for it?

– There is a certain tradition and a certain agreement – and as a person of the theater, you know how such appointments take place. Nina violated these agreements by giving an interview. I warned the troupe before the New Year that they will have a new leader, they are in the know. But I didn’t say the name. Unfortunately, the story is sad.

– Have you met Nina before?

– No, Makhar Vaziev introduced me to her a little less than a year ago. And in February we flew to Tbilisi specifically to get to know each other. Realizing all the risks, I asked and agreed with her that it was a fundamental moment for me that she was a Russian ballerina. She thought for a very long time. In fact, we agreed with her and signed the papers, and she flew to Novosibirsk at the end of December, saw the theater, was impressed. Then she flew to me in St. Petersburg, and we finally spoke each step. There was not a single inaccuracy on her part. Therefore, I did not sign documents with her, which are customary to sign with everyone – we have agreements with creative people, which stipulate that any PR activity must be coordinated without the approval of the artistic director or general director. This is part of the contract.

But when what happened, that is, her interview given on the eve of Christmas (such a gift for Christmas from Nina) … This is disrespect, first of all, to the team. The second point: in this interview her motivations – why she goes to Novosibirsk are completely different, not the ones that we discussed. We talked about something else. There is such an expression – there is no truth at the feet, and this is the case when it fully corresponds to reality. You know, you can’t start this way: a small lie gives rise to a big lie. In this case, I personally cannot move on. For me, first of all, human qualities are important, and only secondly – professional

– Since the artistic directors of the ballet do not stand in line one after the other – you can count them on one hand, who in this case can lead the Novosibirsk ballet?

– Nina says in an interview that she must create a repertoire. I do not think that anyone can boast of such a repertoire, its breadth, which is in Novosibirsk. Therefore, even the proposals that she voiced to me are more than modest. I repeat once again, the key moment for me was – first of all, her international connections, because she is really a star – both in Japan and in America, and in Korea and in China. She danced a lot there, they know her there. And she knows a lot of dancers and company leaders. I wanted to attract her opportunities to invite to Novosibirsk as much as possible many stars who are now out of work. Plus, I was amazed at the beauty of the Tbilisi Theater, and of course, I would like, given the difficult relations that exist between Russia and Georgia, to do a collaboration with the Georgian Theater.

Today, the main repertoire of the Novosibirsk theater is classics, and in any case, Mikhail Grigorievich Messerer is responsible for the classics there, who conducts lessons and monitors his performances. Plus there is Nacho Duato: he watches his performances with tutors, very professional teachers work. We are all right there. But of course, I am very sorry that I had to leave Nina before starting to work.