Russian scientists bred disease-resistant cabbage

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An unusually resistant cabbage, capable of resisting four diseases of vegetables at once, was created by Russian breeders.

This vegetable has no analogues in the world.

As the “MK” was informed at the Russian State Agrarian University of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. Timiryazeva, the hybrids that we managed to bring out are called “Turquoise”, “Market”, “Mojito”. They have no analogues in the world. In 2014, Timiryazevka breeders set about creating Peking cabbage, which is not afraid of diseases such as keela, fusarium, mosaic virus and necrosis. For reference, keela is a fungal disease in the form of growths on cabbage. Agrarians sometimes call it a cancerous tumor of a plant or a hernia, due to which the leaves become lethargic and turn yellow. The same consequences occur after fusarium, this is also a fungal disease. And the mosaic virus can be very deplorable – the leaves wrinkle from it and die off. From any of these diseases, the crop can be reduced by up to 30-40 percent. As for necrosis (this is when gray and dark spots appear on the leaves), it arises from a lack of calcium.

The new cabbage is still undergoing production tests. When the scientists receive the seeds, they will be taken to Dagestan. This is where farmers want to grow fresh varieties over large areas of land.

By the way, one more unique development should be completed in the near future – cabbage, which has been given the gene resistance to keel from … turnip (for this, the plants were crossed among themselves). Over the next two years, breeders intend to include this hybrid in the state register and provide it with seeds for Rostov, Volgograd regions, Stavropol, Krasnodar Territories and Astrakhan.