Russian scientists have created artificial bones that can heal cracks

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As the “MK” was informed at the institute, we are talking about the possibility of replacing small or large parts of the bone in trauma, as well as operations to remove a fragment of bone tissue during the development of a malignant tumor.

Material for bone implants was developed by scientists from the Center for Composite Materials of NUST MISIS

It happens that an implant inside the body under cyclic stress (this usually occurs when bone fragments in the legs are replaced) cracks. It is impossible to prevent their formation, however, it is possible to create an implant from a material with the possibility of self-healing.

It was based on a shape memory polymer, which recovers its structure upon local heating.

One of the developers, Fyodor Senatov, explains this effect as follows: “You can imagine that a piece of polymer that makes up our implant is a kind of spring in jelly. Let’s say you deform this piece of plastic – that is, you stretch the spring. The frozen jelly prevents it from closing back. However, if the jelly is heated, it will soften and the spring will be able to return to its original shape. “

Now the question is how to heat the implants? At the moment, various laboratories around the world are conducting experiments on animals to study the possibilities of local heating without affecting the surrounding tissues. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a minimally invasive operation, that is, to make a puncture and bring the waveguide directly to the replaced bone fragment. So far, the self-rolling of bones (they are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) occurs at a temperature of 50 degrees. Scientists are looking for ways to lower it, so as not to compromise the surrounding tissue.

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