Scientists have replaced treasure hunters with a robot

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The device developed by Novosibirsk scientists allows you to see what is happening under the ground at a depth of 50 meters. According to one of the developers, Alexander Manstein, the equipment works on the basis of the method of electromagnetic sounding of the soil.

New handheld device uses electromagnetic waves to help locate undisturbed graves

As the “MK” was informed in the laboratory of electromagnetic fields of the Institute of Oil and Gas Geology and Geophysics named after A.A. Trofimuk SB RAS, no one else in the world has such devices yet. The maximum that Western and Russian counterparts can “see” are objects that lie no deeper than 17 meters. They are also transmitted to the computer screen in very poor quality, blurry. INGG has found a way to improve the signal coming from the ground.

The apparatus is a probing part, reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner with a long handle, and a computer connected to it. Data from the depths of the earth is transmitted through the built-in Bluetooth module to any gadget in real time. The 3D picture is formed on the basis of data arriving at the receiver in 14 frequency ranges from different depths.

Thanks to the device, you can successfully find undisturbed ancient graves. If earlier the boundaries of the crypts were transferred to the monitor blurred within 1-2 meters, and archaeologists could be mistaken with the exact place of excavation, then the new “treasure hunter” conveys absolutely clear boundaries of anything: crypts, buried chests. By the way, it can also be used to find leaks in pipes buried deep underground, or underground voids when preparing a site for capital construction. Experts see objects on monitors due to the electrical resistance that changes in places of hidden accidents.