Died wife of cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev

The wife of cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev, Tatyana Filippovna Belyaeva, died on Saturday, June 6, at the age of 91, from heart failure.

Several months ago, Tatyana Belyaeva suffered two heart attacks, and recently she was at home, surrounded by loving loved ones. On Saturday night she felt unwell, her family called an ambulance, which took her to the intensive care unit. Unfortunately, the efforts of the doctors were in vain, and at about 2 am Tatiana Filippovna died.

Tatyana Filippovna died at the 91st year of life

Tatyana Filippovna’s husband Pavel Belyaev was the commander of the Voskhod-2 spacecraft, on which on March 18-19, 1965, a historic mission was accomplished – the first manned spacewalk. It was made by Belyaev’s partner Alexey Leonov.

At the final stage of the flight, when the ship’s attitude control system failed and it became impossible to land in automatic mode, Belyaev manually oriented the ship and turned on the braking propulsion system. These operations were performed for the first time in manned astronautics.

Pavel Ivanovich died on January 10, 1970 from intoxication of the body due to purulent peritonitis, after undergoing a surgical operation. He is buried in the Moscow Novodevichy cemetery.

His wife devoted her entire life to the museum organized by the first cosmonaut corps in Star City. In 1967, Tatyana Filippovna opened it together with Yuri Gagarin. Until her husband’s death, she was the permanent director of the memorial, she herself conducted excursions around it. And when Pavel Belyaev died, she took his jacket from the exposition and quit, explaining this for an emotional reason.

Despite feeling unwell in recent months, Tatyana Filippovna was in touch with the Space is Us Foundation for the Popularization of Manned Astronautics. In the year of the 95th birthday of her husband Pavel Belyaev, she really wanted to donate lilac bushes transplanted from their garden to three museums of cosmonautics: in Gagarin, Moscow and Kaluga, as well as a school in the Vologda region where Pavel Ivanovich studied and a school in the city of Gagarin, where in the first astronaut of the Earth studied in due time.

The action, initiated by Belyaeva, will take place on Russia Day, June 12 at 12:00. The whole Star City will join her.

“The white lilac has already blossomed, five bouquets,” Tatyana Filippovna said to her friends a few days before her death. – Bring her Filatova, let him plant it near the lilac, which was planted in school years by Yuri Alekseevich (Gagarin) (Tatyana Filatova – the niece of Yuri Gagarin, who is a scientific adviser to the United Museum of Yuri Gagarin in the city of Gagarin, Smolensk region – Auth.) “. Now, according to Belyaeva’s daughters, this lilac will be planted in her honor.

She also asked to find a photo from the opening of the museum in Star City in 1967.