Study: men are less likely to survive the winter than women

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In extreme heat, men die almost twice as often as women. At the same time, representatives of the weak half of humanity least of all feel the weather anomaly at the age of 20 to 29 years. This conclusion was reached at the Ural Federal University. Yeltsin.

Ural scientists have found that the stronger sex tolerates extreme temperatures worse

As told to “MK” in the Russian Science Foundation, scientists have analyzed how days with extreme air temperatures (both very high and unusually low) affect the health of Russians.

It turned out that heat affects the human body worst of all, and not only its long periods, but also individual days with temperatures above 25 degrees. On such days, mortality rises sharply, with 20 deaths among women for every 12 among men. Similarly affects the stronger sex and a series of cold days with temperatures below –23 degrees. If we talk about age, then the worst tolerance of heat and cold, of course, is the elderly. Interestingly, weather sensitivity in men begins to develop after 40 years. The vagaries of the weather are least of all affected by women aged 20 to 29 years. According to the therapist, Ph.D. Yulia Sivertsova, during these years the woman is of childbearing age. Her hormonal background is changing, becoming more resistant to stress, including weather. Men, in principle, live less, and their body weakens with age.

– The work of the immune and digestive systems works differently in our country. Women, for example, are more likely to be susceptible to infectious diseases, but men are harder to tolerate them and at the same time recover faster. Women’s digestion is more sensitive, which is partly why girls monitor their nutrition and health more closely, ”says the doctor. – In addition, we are less susceptible to bad habits and easily pour out both our negative and positive emotions out. Men, on the other hand, keep everything in themselves, accumulate their feelings, and this also has a bad effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, and therefore, increases the risk of death in case of unfavorable external factors.