An American woman who bought a car in a showroom had to prove that she was human

Almost every person who regularly visits the Internet is familiar with such a phenomenon as captcha, even if he has not heard the name itself. This designates the tasks that users must solve in order to prove that he is not a robot, or just fields where you need to put a tick as such proof. American Marcy Robin, who decided to buy a car, had to take a similar test designed to protect against bots and spammers “offline”

Her story about it attracted widespread attention of Internet users.

As Robin herself said, she made out the purchase directly in the salon, sitting opposite the seller. He handed her a sheet of paper with a “captcha” printed on it and demanded to put a tick on it. As he explained, by submitting the corresponding sheet, the American had to prove that she was not a robot. Even after she asked if he was serious about this, the dealership employee remained calm and confirmed his words.

Many Internet users felt that in such a surreal situation, the girl should not just put a tick, but behave more original – for example, pretend that she could not put it. Also, some asked whether Robin suggested harming a person or letting a person be harmed by his inaction – this is a reference to the Three Laws of Robotics from Isaac Asimov’s “classic” works of a kind. Some also suggested that the robot would not be stopped by the need to deceive a person and put a tick, and even remembered a “precedent” – at the beginning of last year, in a fairly short time, a video was collected in which a “real” robot, which is a mechanical manipulator, with the help of touch panel successfully passes the captcha.

Some media representatives who wished to communicate with the American supported the joke – one of them in the comments to the tweet urged her to confess that she is a robot, if this is really so. Robin, however, assured that this was not so, even though as a child she dreamed of becoming a robot girl from the popular US sitcom Small Wonder.