“Howl from the air”: there was a video of a laser gun against demonstrators

The United States has developed a new non-lethal weapon that is planned to be used to break up demonstrations. A spinning drum with two types of lasers is capable of striking with light and sound at rioters at a distance of tens of kilometers. In this case, the sound is generated literally “out of thin air.” A video of the cannon’s operation appeared on social networks.

The device is capable of operating for tens of kilometers

The acoustic laser cannon was developed by scientists from the US Department of Defense, according to the video posted on the Youtube channel. This gun creates light and sound using a laser-induced plasma effect. So far, this is just a strong and disgusting sound. But scientists are confident that within three years they will be able to find an opportunity for the gun to generate such sounds so that the human ear perceives them as intelligible words.

The weapon consists of two parts: first, a femtosecond laser, which creates flashes of focused light for 10-15 seconds. This is enough to rip electrons out of air molecules and create a ball of plasma. Plasma is sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter, the report says. This field of electrified gas is very sensitive to electromagnetic effects. This plasma field is hit by a second laser, a nanolaser, which is tuned to an extremely narrow wavelength range. Thus, not only light is generated, but also loud sound.

The point is that a ball of plasma can be received at a distance of 30 km and made it “speak”. None of the most powerful speakers will work this distance.