The expert told what is wonderful about the church that Putin visited on Christmas

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As is known, President Vladimir Putin celebrated Christmas at the Church of St. Nicholas on Lipno. Konstantin Mikhailov, one of the founders of the Arkhnadzor movement, a writer and ethnographer, told MK about the uniqueness of this thirteenth century temple, which is located on an island nine kilometers from Veliky Novgorod.

– Church of St. Nicholas on Lipna belongs to the masterpieces of Novgorod architecture, landmark monuments of Novgorod architecture. It was built in 1292. This is one of the first examples when a system of three-blade articulations of facades was applied and also with lowered angles – such a very original architectural composition of a pyramidal nature. In addition, fragments of the painting from the end of the thirteenth century have been preserved there, ”Mikhailov says to the MK correspondent. – As was often the case in the history of ancient temples, a legend is associated with this church that in the place where the temple was later built, in 1113, an icon with the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was miraculously found. Soon a monastery was founded, a wooden church was built inside it. However, the monastery ceased to exist in ancient times.

– With regard to this church they also talk about the “miracle at Lipna” …

– Yes. The church stands on a small island among the Novgorod rivers and canals. The last time it was seriously restored was in the middle of the twentieth century, in 1956. She was in need of restoration work, and the Novgorod museum was racking its brains about where to get funds for the restoration of this monument. But on this island in 2016, President Vladimir Putin and then Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev landed unexpectedly. They examined the temple, talked with some local fishermen, and after this visit, very serious federal funds were allocated – first to preserve the restoration project, and then to implement it. And, as we saw yesterday on TV, everything was restored. In the local press, this was called “the miracle at Lipno”.

Pink Putin, White Temple: President’s footage on Christmas came out unusual

Pink Putin, White Temple: President's footage on Christmas came out unusual

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